Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Mattress Review

Talk about a good quality mattress and you won’t be far from giving Zinus a mention due to the durability and comfort that their mattresses provide.

25 years in the business of making quality mattresses is no joke and you have to give credit to this company for working wonders in the mattress making industry because they are geniuses.

A comfortable rest is what Zinus portrays and your comfort is Zinus’ top priority and that is the major reason why the company has come up with a brilliant idea and a superior mattress which is the Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress by Zinus.


What Is The Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress?

You will be wrong to say that this mattress is your normal everyday mattress because this mattress cannot be compared to any other mattress due to its durability, quality and comfort.

When you sleep on the memory foam green tea mattress be sure that you are in safe hands or better still you can just say “safe mattress”.

Zinus Mattress Review

Components Of The Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

What makes this mattress so special and superior to others may be the question you are asking but its quite simple and the answer is that this mattress is made from the best materials and these materials are separated into four layers which are the memory foam, the comfort foam, airflow high density support foam and the airflow high density base-support foam.

All those are the layers of the mattress but another great side to this mattress is that some Green tea extract is also used alongside these materials to keep your mattress fresh and always clean.

Layers Of The Mattress In Details

The four layers of the Mattress has been mentioned but how do they help and how can they affect your good night rest?

Layer One

The first layer of the memory foam green tea mattress is a 3 inch memory foam that provides great comfort due to the soft and comfortable feeling that it gives.

Layer Two

The second layer of the Green tea mattress is the 2 inches of comfort foam layer and this layer was added specially to give more comfort by spreading weight throughout the foam so that you don’t have to sink in or bend awkwardly.

Layer Three

This third layer is specially made of 3.5 inches of airflow high density foam that helps in heat distribution and circulation, this layer adds to the overall coolness of the Mattress.

Layer Four

This last layer does the same thing the third layer does and its due to the 3.5 inches of airflow high density base-support foam, this layer also offers elasticity that helps reduce body pains.

Zinus Memory Foam



The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Cover.

The Memory foam green tea mattress is covered in knitted Jacquard that serves as a temperature regulator to add to the overall coolness of the Green Tea Mattress, the cover is mainly white which adds a classy look to the mattress.

The Honest Review

This mattress can get a five star rating anytime and any day due to the comfort, durability and firmness but if you are still doubting then here is the full and honest review of the Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress.


The Memory foam green tea mattress is super durable and don’t ask why because its simply because the best materials are used in creating the Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress.

The layers are well sealed and covered up by a strong, durable and classy cover so durability can never be an issue.


Call this mattress comfortable and you will be underrating it because it is more than comfortable as a result of the heat distribution, firmness and softness.

The Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress scores an A+ in comfort.


Say bye to body pains because this Mattress offers the best support for your body and you don’t really have to bother about the way you sleep anymore because you will not have pains anymore.

Sleep Positions

You can never sleep the wrong way on this mattress due to the support and comfort foams that help boost weight distribution all over the Mattress so if you sleep on your back, stomach or side just know you are safe so enjoy your rest without worry.


Everyone loves a warranty on any product purchased and its good to know that the Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer warranty, so if something bad happens to your mattress within that ten year period then you are eligible for a repair or replacement.


Zinus is a great company and this mattress comes with enough guarantee to get you a refund, but nothing bad will happen to your mattress because its tested and trusted so be happy because you are getting a good deal for your money.

The Conclusion

Don’t ask if this mattress is right for you because it cannot be wrong for anybody, it offers perfect comfort, firmness, durability, heat retention, even weight distribution and coolness so what more can you ask for?

Everyone should have a Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress by Zinus so get one right now!


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