Puffy Mattress – Memory Foam Review

Puffy Mattress Review

Do you ever want to sleep on a cloud? Puffy Mattress has you covered. When it comes to sleeping, there are many fantasies of people. Some want to sleep on a cloud, while some wanted to sleep like a baby.

If you are the one wanted to fulfill your sleep fantasies, Puffy Mattress is all you need. Here’s what a puffy mattress is and why you should choose one for your bed.

Puffy Mattress Memory Foam – Everything You Need To Know

As the name implies, Puffy Mattress Memory Foam is a mattress that is designed to provide you a puffy and a cloud-like surface to help you sleep like never before.


The developers of the puffy mattress wanted to come up with a mattress that feels like a cloud and hence, designed puffy mattress.

The mattress promises a sleep experience that is so comfortable and feels like you are sleeping with angels. The mattress isn’t that luxurious but comes with the aim to provide responsive support levels and cooling properties that will help you sleep like a baby.

Puffy Mattress Review

Here’s what is included in Puffy Mattress Memory Foam.

#1, The Layers

Puffy memory foam is a bed-in-a-box product. This means this mattress can be used on any surface including flat, adjustable or even the floor. The mattress is total 10” thick and comes with the 3 layers. These layers include:

  1. The Top Layer – this layer is comprised of 2” of cooling cloud foam. This layer is made up of memory foam gel which pushes back depending on the position and the weight of the user, in order to provide the right amount of support, comfort and pressure relief. The cooling gel is also infused in this layer that provides heat dispersion and prevents overheating.
  2. The Middle Layer – this one is another 2” thick layer that is made up of Climate Comfort. This one is a breathable transition foam layer that touts high pressure relieving capabilities and provides resistance to temperature fluctuations.
  3. The Base Layer – This is the basic layer of around 6” thickness. This layer provides Firm Core Support Foam which is designed to minimize sinkage and provides stability throughout the entire bed. The best part about this layer is that it provides individualized support as it is designed to adjust and react according to body weight and pressure.

Puffy Mattress Memory Foam



#2, Comfort

The Puffy mattress is overall a comfortable one that provides responsiveness and a bounce without causing too much sinkage. However, that is highly dependent on the weight and pressure of the sleeper. Moreover, the exterior of the mattress is kind of luxury, soft and comfortable as it provides a comfortable sleeping surface.

#3, Support & Feel

As the cooling gel is infused in the top layer of the Puffy Mattress, it gives a lighter and airier feel, as compared to the thick and dense foam feel. This is something that we actually love about this mattress.

As far as the support of this mattress is concerned, all the three layers combined provides good support enough to carry all the kinds of sleepers. However, the side sleepers will love it more as the heavier areas are pressed more into the mattress, thereby relieving the pressure.

#4, Breathable

Another feature that is worth mentioning here is that Puffy Mattress is completely breathable and comes with the cooling gel that gives is the lighter and airy feel all the time. This breathability makes it be safe from bed bugs, mites, and other allergens.

#5, Stain Resistant Cover

In addition to that, the Puffy Mattress Memory Foam with an all-new Stain Resistant Cover. This cover allows you to easily cover all the stains and spills while keeping the cover all white and new. In addition to that, the top cover of the mattress is totally washable. The new Zip N Wash technology allows you seasonal cleaning in order to remove all the germs and dirt that is being built due to regular use.

In addition to that, the Puffy Mattress Memory Foam comes with total pressure relief and enhanced spinal alignment that will adapt perfectly according to your body curves and gaps and keep your body rejuvenated and stress-free. It also provides full recovery during the night’s sleep so that you can wake up energetic and fresh like never before.

The Puffy Mattress comes with 101 night sleep trial period and offers free shipping all across the globe. So what are you waiting for? Get yours RIGHT NOW!

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