H-Cracked Heels Formula – Which Is The Best Oil For Cracked Heels?

H-Cracked Heels Formula – Review

Did you know that approximately 20% of Americans suffer from cracked heels? This skin condition affects more women compared to men.

Cracked heels usually start as a dry or a small cracked skin at the heels. If left untreated, it splits apart and can cause pain and discomfort. Plus, you won’t enjoy wearing your favorite open -back sandals!

Effective cracked heels treatment can be achieved by using a trusted product that is proven to work. But, before we get into more details, the following are the main causes;

* Poor-fitting shoes
* Unhygienic conditions
* Obesity
* The pressure of standing for long hours
* Vitamin deficiencies
* Lack of moisture
* Pregnancy

H-Cracked Heels Formula




There are many products that you can use for cracked heels treatment. But, why expose your skin to even more danger by applying products manufactured using chemicals? Opt for H-Cracked Heels Formula instead. This natural remedy will soothe, protect and repair your heels and give you back your smooth feet!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use H-Cracked Heels Formula

  1. It is manufactured in the USA and adheres to the regulations of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). This means it is a product you can trust.
  2. The product uses natural ingredients with no chemicals and is gentle to your skin. It is completely safe to use with no side effects.
  3. If you have mild or severe cracks, H-Cracked Heels Formula works efficiently. The effects are not instant. As with any natural products, it works on the underlying problem to give you a permanent solution.
  4. This product is manufactured by a real company – Healing Natural Oils, located in the USA. You get a 90-day money back guarantee to figure out whether the product works or not.
  5. You only use a few drops per application. This makes the Formula value for money.


All the ingredients used to manufacture H-Cracked Heels Formula are natural and include;

* Avocado oil
* Lavender oil
* Wheat germ oil
* Chamomile flower oil
* Tea tree oil
* Hazel seed oil, and
* Rosehip oil

How It Works

The gentle formula locks moisture around the affected areas thereby reducing cracking and dry skin. The blend of herbal plant oils works fast to gives you relief from the pain of cracked heels when walking.
You won’t feel any burning sensation or skin irritation.


How To Use

Apply a few drops to the affected area 2-3 times a day for better results. The H-Cracked Heels Formula can also be used for cracked hands. Children above the age of 4 can safely use the product.

When Should I Expect To See Results?

The H-Cracked Heels Formula works within a week or two. But, results may vary from one individual to another based on the severity of the condition.


Cracked heels should not be of major concern. It is a common problem for both men and women. Don’t let the discomfort of cracked heels limit your movement.

The H-Cracked Heels Formula uses essential oils to give you a naturally safe relief. You can prevent cracked heels by keeping them covered, checking your foot hygiene, and always keeping your heels moisturized.



My Personal Review

I was looking for some really good creams or remedies so, I could get rid of this unsightly and sore cracked skin on my heel. I did try high street products, but they haven’t worked. I don’t have time to keep going for pedicures, but I wear sandals all summer rather than shoes.


H-Cracked Heels Formula - Review


My heel is improving, and I am using H-Cracked Heels Formula on my heel once a day. I saw a vast improvement after only 3 days. I use it at night and it smells nice but the oil soaks in instantly, so you can use it day or night.

You can get cheaper products, but the one’s I bought didn’t work and this product is still cheaper than a pedicure and takes 30 seconds to apply. I have only used a 10th of the bottle so, this will last quite while so is value for money for a quick painless result. It does make your heels feel soft, so I will keep applying this weekly to keep my heels in good shape.

Philippa Davies – USA



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