Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Children

Mattress for Your Children

Getting enough sleep is vital for both the growth and development of children. Making sure that they get long, good-quality sleep is crucial to ensure that they reach their full potential as they fill out their developmental years.

Getting a proper mattress is one of the steps to ensure that you accomplish this. This guide will show you how to choose the right mattress for your children. This is ideal not just to ensure good sleep, but also to support proper posture and bone/joint health.

Find the right size- Finding the right mattress size for your kids can be a difficult choice to make, especially since they are still growing. However, there is only one rule that you should follow here: your mattress should never be smaller than the size of your child.

Your mattress should fit the dimensions of your bed or crib, but it should always fit the dimensions of your child. There is always the prospect of your child eventually outgrowing his/her bed or crib, so you can get a mattress with a little allowance to accommodate his/her growing frame.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Children


Make durability a priority- Let’s put it this way; the bed is one of the most favorite places for kids to play. You should expect that your mattress will take a ton of punishment from your kid/s over its years of service.

It’s a given that the mattress you will pick should be well-built and capable of withstanding all the rolls and jumps your kids will make as they grow up. Go for a mattress that has reinforced construction, made by a company with a strong track record for durability. It should also be made from stain-resistant material for easy cleaning.

Get a bed with the right firmness- The firmness of a mattress can make or break its overall effectiveness in providing the right amount of comfort for your needs. Depending on your child’s sleeping form, you can opt for either a firmer or a softer mattress.

Those who like to sleep on their back or side will benefit better from a firmer mattress, while stomach sleepers will sleep better on a softer mattress.

You should not pick a mattress that is too hard that it provides little to no shock absorption and comfort, but you should also not pick a mattress that is too soft that it doesn’t provide any support for your child’s body.

Check the materials- The choice of materials for your mattress affects more than just the comfort level it provides. It can also affect the health of your child’s skin.

One thing you should consider is allergies. While there are many factors that can determine if you’ll be allergic to a certain substance, artificial materials tend to induce more allergies than their natural counterparts.

As such, it is best to pick up a mattress made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and natural latex. It would be even better if you will get a mattress made of organic materials.

Mattress For Your Children – Choices

Mattresses can be found in different shapes and sizes. They can be made using different materials, with each material type delivering its own unique set of benefits. So which type of mattress is best for children? Here are some of the best choices available at your disposal, complete with the traits that make them a sensible choice for your needs.

Latex foam mattress- Latex is fast becoming the mattress material of choice for those who want the best quality of sleep possible. There are many reasons why mattresses made of latex foam will prove to be the best choice.

Latex foam has earned a reputation for being extremely comfortable, it is soft yet supportive, which will make your kids want to lie down ready for bedtime.

It also promotes natural spinal alignment, which is essential for growing kids. The fact that these mattresses are being recommended for people with back problems is a testament to its effectiveness.

Mattress choices


Inner spring mattress- The inner spring mattress is the traditional one being used in most beds around the world. These mattresses are made of multiple springs that are interconnected with each other, and then filled out with other materials such as foam to adjust the firmness.

Each individual spring can compress and expand to support your child’s body weight without putting the spine in an unstable position. They are also very sturdy and durable, as long as they are used the right way.

Memory foam mattress- Memory foam is also another popular choice for children’s mattresses. As the name would suggest, it “remembers” the contours of your body, providing a sleeping surface that is a perfect fit for your physical contours and sleeping position.

Some of the more advanced memory foam models would even absorb heat so that you can stay cool as you sleep. When taken care of the right way, memory foam mattresses can last for virtually a lifetime. This material is definitely a good option for selecting a mattress for kids of any age.



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