CBD Oil Benefits – Used For Anxiety, Pain Management And Health

What are the benefits of CBD Oil and how do you buy it online?

Are you considering using medical marijuana in the form of CBD Oil? You may have heard of the many benefits of using CBD Oil to treat various disorders.

If you suffer from any chronic ailment and are fed up with conventional therapy and drugs, or you are not experiencing any benefits from them, or you cannot take them for any reason (side effects, allergies, etc.), you may well want to explore alternative remedies like CBD Oil.

Even if you have never had marijuana when young, you may want to see if CBD Oil works for your problems, given the many benefits of cannabis oil that contains little or no of THC (the substance that gives the high in marijuana).

What are the illnesses CBD Oil benefits?

Most disorders or diseases that CBD Oil can possibly benefit are chronic where conventional therapies often give limited results. CBD Oil is known to help with diseases such as:

  • Arthritis – Joint problems like arthritis can be debilitating as they are painful and can result in loss of movement. Whether it is knees or fingers (the commonest regions affected by arthritis), inflammation and pain is usually part and parcel of the disease and at some stage it is likely that you do not want or are unable to take painkillers or even steroids in high doses.

CBD Oil can often offer pain relief and you can take it without worrying about the psychoactive effects of THC since it either contains THC in the miniscule amounts that is legally permitted or is completely THC- free.

benefits of CBD Oil


Apart from arthritis pain, CBD Oil can be used for other kinds of painful conditions like nerve pain, Crohns’, IBS and other inflammatory conditions.

  • Anxiety and Depression – Whether this is your garden variety of anxiety, social anxiety or more chronic problems like PTSD, OCD, GAD or others, CBD Oil may help alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety, allowing you to lead a more normal life.  According to a study titled Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders, CBD helps with anxiety and is also safe to take.
  • Blood pressure and heart health – High blood pressure is a major factor that contributes to heart problems. If your blood pressure is under control you are less likely to suffer from heart disease or heart attack or brain stroke. Using CBD Oil can help reduce blood pressure as a study titled A single dose of cannabidiol reduces blood pressure in healthy volunteers in a randomized crossover study
  • Cancer – Not only is cannabidiol effective in offering pain relief during cancer but it also helps shrink tumors as research has shown. It is effective in breast, colon, prostate, brain and lung cancers in test-tube experiments and animal studies. For a long time marijuana has been used for pain relief, particularly in last stage cancers and cannabidiol may well have similar effects without the concurrent psychoactive effects.
  • Neurological problems – Many research studies have been undertaken describing the positive effects of cannabis on neurological problems like epilepsy. In fact, the USFDA has approved a drug containing cannabidiol to treat special kinds of epilepsy. Multiple sclerosis that gives rise to muscle spasticity can also be helped by cannabidiol. Other neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have also given good results after cannabidiol treatment.

Apart from such serious diseases, Cannabis Oil has shown to have a positive effect on other ailments like mental issues, substance abuse problems, depression, diabetes, libido, stress relief, insomnia, migraine, acne and anorexia among other problems.

What kind of CBD Oil can you use?

There are many different kinds of CBD Oil that are available online and at shops dealing in MMJ products. You can never be sure of the quality and purity of many of these cannabis oil products. And when you are looking for something that improves your health, it is better not to compromise. It is best to select something that is organic and pure and that does not contain unnecessary additives. CBD oil is always mixed with a carrier oil, often coconut or palm kernel oil.

Instead of using a trial and error process, you can directly buy from Plants Not Pills.  You are assured of organic and pure cannabis oil that has undergone rigorous testing by an independent laboratory.

The oil is sourced from hemp plants grown in the US and follow strict growing and testing protocols before the finished product reaches you to ensure that you get high quality and premium CBD Oil that will be effective.

Plants Not Pills has two organic CBD Oil products. Revive Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains less than 3% THC (as legally mandated). It has a pleasant mint flavor and contains stevia for sweetness.

If you want a completely THC-free product, then Plants Not Pills has Rise THC-Free Organic CBD Oil. It contains crystalline cannabinoid extract, coconut oil, mint and stevia.


What do the reviews say?

Whenever you buy any products of any kind online, you surely go by the reviews. And you can go through the reviews posted by genuine and happy customers. To give you an idea go through the following testimonials.

Lorraine K says I’m amazed by this product! I’ve had arthritis in my neck and had been in pain for over 2 years. Within minutes of using this product I felt relief. So thankful I found it! 

Amy M says Life changing product that has helped so much with my anxiety.

Sally posted Rise at 2400 mg has really helped my arthritis. The pain in my hands was unbearable and now it’s practically gone. Rise has been a lifesaver.

Greg has this to say about the CBD Oil: By far the best testing, most effective CBD oil I’ve tried. I started with Rise @ 1200 mg twice a day since November, 2018 been panic attack free since Christmas ’18.

With such testimonials, you are all the more assured of the quality and the efficacy of the products that you want. You can order these products online or you may be able to get them from MMJ dispensaries.


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