Calcium Carbonate Health Benefits – Usage And Side Effects

Calcium Carbonate

Paying attention to your body and its deficiency can go a long way for you. These days, the food we eat hardly contains organic minerals and supplements because of too much processing and preservatives. To keep the intake of all nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, it is good to take nutritional pills and food that supplements our body.

The most needed supplement in our body is Calcium. It is needed so much that health experts advise consuming Calcium for men and women above 50 years of age every day for the rest of their lives. Both men and women have a decline in the bones’ density, leading them to become weak and brittle.

This article will show you what Calcium Carbonate is and why you need it for your body.  

What is Calcium Carbonate?

Calcium Carbonate is a chemical compound used for medicinal purposes to make calcium supplements or as an antacid.

Industrial applications use it as an ingredient for cement and limestone, aggravating road building.

It is used in the oil industry to drill fluids and in the food industry for refining sugar from sugar beet.

It is a significant component for chalk in blackboard chalks.

Calcium Carbonate has so many uses in health and dietary applications. For the preservation of food and the production of toothpaste, Calcium Carbonate is an essential component.

In non-dairy milk like soy milk and almond milk, Calcium Carbonate is an essential ingredient.

For bottled vegetable products, Calcium Carbonate works as a firming agent.

Benefits of consuming Calcium Carbonate

Benefits of consuming Calcium Carbonate

It increases bone health. One of the main reasons for consuming Calcium Carbonate is to provide nutrition to the bones. Our bones and teeth are made of 99% of Calcium in the body. When a child grows, it is Calcium that contributes to the growth and development of the bones. But, as natural aging starts, the bones lose their density resulting in weak and brittle bones.

A calcium supplement effectively works in providing nutrients to the body and maintains its health. All adults above the age of 50 should take a calcium supplement for healthy bones. Females who have reached the age of menopause are at the most risk of developing fragile bones. It can lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other bone disorders.

It is good for the cardiovascular system. Vitamin D is an essential supplement for the health of bones and maintaining their density. It helps the body to absorb Calcium and its benefits.

Calcium is not only good for bones but to maintain the heart muscle by stopping blood clots. Calcium also eases the muscles around the blood vessels of the heart, making it pump efficiently. This efficiency can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and other related disorders.

It helps to avoid pregnancy complications. Every pregnant woman needs to take calcium supplements, folate, and iron for both the mother and the growing baby in the fetus. Women are more prone to lower bone density during pregnancy and need a dose of Calcium higher than the usual dosage.

Calcium deficiency in pregnant women can lead to high blood pressure, which results in pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia can make the feet, ankles, face, and hands swell with pain resulting in pregnancy complications like organ failure and even death of both the mother and the baby.

It may relieve your PMS symptoms. Premenstrual symptom (PMS) affects a large number of women. It becomes a severe condition if left untreated. There are many causes of PMS, and studies cannot prove its exact cause.

Experts reveal that women who take a daily supplement of Calcium relieve their PMS symptoms compared to women who don’t take it. It may or may not be useful, but its effectiveness depends on the individuals. Women who tried calcium supplements noticed a relief in their anxiety, fatigue, and dehydration related to PMS symptoms.

Consult with your doctor to check if calcium supplements will relieve your PMS symptoms before taking them.

It helps with acid reflux. Calcium Carbonate helps to clear the acid from the esophagus in the body. Calcium Carbonate medicines are very effective antacids, and most people know them by the name Tums. It is the most popular medicine for acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion in the stomach.

Calcium Carbonate can quickly neutralize stomach acid, but its effects do not last long. For mild reflux, antacids with Calcium Carbonate are the best medicine. Daily consumption of antacids for chronic refluxes can result in lowering of the stomach acid. If your stomach has low acid, there will be an overgrowth of bacteria which causes a problem in the intestines.

Consult with your doctor if over-the-counter antacids with calcium carbonate do not work in the long run.

It helps prevent symptoms of colon cancer. The health of the colon is dependent on the gut. The gut defends the colon by stopping the overgrowth of bacteria and reduces the number of fatty acids and bile in the stomach. An unhealthy colon can lead to symptoms of colon cancer.

Calcium Carbonate supplements help the colon to protect the colon cells in the lining damaged by acids and bile. However, the claims of preventing colon cancer through calcium carbonate are quite limited. We advise you to consult with your doctor before you start to medicate yourself. But, under normal circumstances, it is good to take them for a clean and healthy colon.


Ensure that you do not overtake Calcium which can lead to deficiencies of other nutrients in the body. Not only that, there have been cases of Calcium contaminated with heavy metals. Please ensure that you do not buy a cheap alternative for calcium carbonate, or it will risk your health.

Check with your doctor before you start taking calcium supplements. See if it interacts with any of the drugs that you are currently taking so that you don’t overdose yourself.

We hope that this article will help you choose Calcium Carbonate for a healthy life.


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